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This website and The Prescott Report are brought to you by one of the most diversely experienced international professionals in the direct marketing world. My bio is here.

In support of our mission we maintain a network of associations, companies, and individual experts who help us identify trends and issues, and bring you valuable information about the markets in other countries. As a Gold Member, our network is at your disposal. 

Within this site you will find many valuable tools to assist with staying current on international events and trends relating to privacy/data protection law and theory, the posts, marketing tools and theory, global and local economic trends, and much more.

  • The  Blog contains substantive observations on contemporary issues and previews of materials which will appear in The Prescott Report. Feedback and comments from our community members which contribute to knowledge are most welcome.
  • The Prescott Report provides in-depth coverage of issues and trends in the subjects we’ve noted above.
  • Frequently, we issue  Special Reports on privacy and data protection issues and marketing/consumer protection issues.
  • From time to time, we  make new publications available to our readers, as with the new book by brilliant South African direct marketer Keith Wiser of the agency 5th Dimension. My Way contains the learnings of a long and fruitful career that fortunately continues to contribute to direct marketing.
  • Come check periodically on what International Events are taking place over the next few months.  We list non-US events primarily, and US and Canadian events with an “international” element or purpose, or which offer an interesting insight into the country in which they take place.
  • And we will continue to evolve this site as our community grows.

Gold Members, also referred to as Subscribers to The Prescott Report will receive 6 copies a year of intelligent, well-researched and pertinent information on postal developments, privacy and data protection issues implicating marketing,  marketing, and international markets.

Gold Members are also welcome to call or contact Mr. Prescott on a confidential basis to discuss issues in these subject areas they may be facing anywhere in the world. If we can not help, which we usually can, we will undoubtedly know someone who can.

In addition, Gold Members will receive copies of all Special Reports published during the year.  Special Reports are more in-depth warning reports or explanations/descriptions of important developments in our subject areas: marketing, privacy/data protection, postal issues, and international business and trade in general.  Special Reports are also sold separately to non-subscribers,  but are not made available on the website except in the Subscribers’ Only Prescott Report Archive.

Moreover, both Gold and Silver Members will have full access to Addressing materials and the Address Library as we build out our program and campaign to develop the address systems of the world, and to engage address system custodians on behalf of the data-user community.

Our goal is to “Help Make the Borders Go Away” for business.   Where we can, we advocate for the removal of barriers to efficient and effective cross-border marketing, message and product delivery, payment, and trade in general.

Helping to make the borders go away – Marketing, Privacy, Data Protection, Postal.

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